Swip Alot Apalachicola FL

Swip Alot Apalachicola provides multiple community chat and sales groups for local consumers and businesses. We provide a network of web groups and sites that can be used to bring our local neighborhoods closer together. With Swip Alot, you can buy something from a neighbor, support the local high school fundraiser, find something to get out and do for the night, and much more.

Our groups represent all the communities of Franklin County, Florida. Apalachicola, Carrabelle, Eastpoint, Alligator Point, Bald Point, Lanark Village, and St. Teresa.

Facebook Groups

For this area, we have a website located at https://apalachicolafl.swipalot.com/. We also have 17 Facebook groups. These include:

Swip Alot Apalachicola FL
Our general ‘everything goes’ group. Buy, sell, trade, advertise, socialize.

Babies & Kids Apalachicola FL
A group for parents to discuss their kids, and find good deals on children’s goods.

Business Rants & Raves Apalachicola FL
Have a good or bad experience with a local business? Talk about it here.

Crafts Apalachicola FL
Our Crafts group connects local crafters with ideas, events, and a place to buy and sell.

Events Apalachicola FL
Get out and do something with the Swip Alot Events guide. Add your own events!

Furniture & Decor Apalachicola FL
Buy and sell home decor and furnishings or find decorating ideas.

Jobs Apalachicola FL
Find Employment or Employees with our Jobs group.

Real Estate Apalachicola FL
Make an investment in property with our Real Estate group.

Rentals Apalachicola FL
Need a place to live? Have a place to rent? Swip Alot Rentals can help.

Town Hall Apalachicola FL
Discuss the news and events of Franklin County.

Vehicles Apalachicola FL
Cars, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles and more in our Vehicles group.

Vintage & Antiques Apalachicola FL
Connect with other people interested in antiques with our Vintage and Antiques group.

Weddings Apalachicola FL
You can’t plan a wedding without the Swip Alot Weddings groups.

Regional Groups

North West Florida Community Support
Find help in your community, or provide a helping hand to someone in need.

North West Florida Wall of Shame
Get burned in an online deal? Let other Swip Alot customers know who to avoid.

North West Florida Advertiser Offers
Exclusive advertising for Swip Alot Advertising customers.

North West Florida Restaurant Guide
Find a local restaurant to try using our Restaurant Guide.


See our page Swip Alot Advertising at https://www.facebook.com/SwipAlotAdvertising/ for opportunities to promote your local business. We have both page and group banner advertising packages starting at just $10 per month. We also offer social media management packages. You can find more advertising opportunities on our website at http://SwipAlot.com.

Apalachicola and Franklin County Area News

Find news about Apalachicola and other Franklin County locations using the Swip Alot RSS feeds. The feeds on this site are provided by Apalachtimes.